Monday, July 6, 2009

in dusk and dust and dreams

i see beginnings and endings in a tangerine hued cloud of dust. a million grains of sand and salt dance wraithlike, rising and falling, curling in on themselves and then exploding in impossibly synchronous calligraphy. each grain a minuscule world containing a single sunbeam. a ray of light that has pierced first the emptiness of space, then the thickness of this atmosphere until finally low and thin, barely making its way across fields of young grass, it somehow finds this cloud hovering above the asphalt and settles inside the crystal heart of a solitary grain of dust at dusk - and dreams.


"cover me over
in dusk and dust and dreams.
cover me over
and leave me alone.
cover me over,
you tireless, great.
hear me and cover me,
bringers of dusk and dust and dreams.

carl sandburg


  1. Incredible post and poem. Please...cover me over in dusk and dust and dreams....(tears)...

  2. hi amelia, after the winter there's sand and salt and dust everywhere. i came over the crest of a hill on my bike and the sun was setting across the fields and i watched a cloud of sand and dust do what i have tried to describe here and that's where this came from. sandburg is a really amazing writer. steven

  3. hi bonnie . . . i posted this over on reya's blog (the gold puppy) aboput the interconnectedness of all things and how everything is connected by love. not romantic love which is the surface manifestation of love - an entry point if you like!!
    david bohm: "everybody has seen an image of enfoldment: you fold up a sheet of paper, turn it into a small packet, make cuts in it, and then unfold it into a pattern. the parts that were close in the cuts unfold to be far away. this is like what happens in a hologram. enfoldment is really very common in our experience. all the light in this room comes in so that the entire room is in effect folded into each part. if your eye looks, the light will be then unfolded by your eye and brain. as you look through a telescope or a camera, the whole universe of space and time is enfolded into each part, and that is unfolded to the eye." have a peaceful day. steven