Thursday, May 21, 2009

we contain all the passions

"the madonna of port lligat" salvador dali


we contain all the passions
and all the vices
and all the suns and stars,
chasms and heights,
trees, animals, forests, streams.
this is what we are.
our experience lies
in our veins,
in our nerves.
we stagger.
between grey blocks of houses.
on bridges of steel.
light from a thousand tubes
flows around us,
and a thousand violet nights
etch sharp wrinkles
in our faces.

george grosz

there is so much floods into me in the course of a day. so many voices, so many needs, so many expectations. then there are the voices, needs and expectations of my self.

on my way home west into the evening, the sun sets like a gold bar behind the hill i live on. and as i walk or ride, as part of my daily practice, i consider the day behind me and the evening before me.

i unpack all the written, spoken, felt, perceived and imagined histories of the day.

i search for the points of truth that sometimes rise discreetly above the whole. moments unbidden that have walked in the door and afforded a momentary transformation, an elevation of purpose and intent.

an opportunity to see and experience beyond what was intended - to see and experience what is necessary.