Friday, July 10, 2009

the little white boat with the red sail

michael woloschinow

adrift! a little boat adrift! emily dickinson

adrift! a little boat adrift!
and night is coming down!
will no one guide a little boat
unto the nearest town?

so sailors say -- on yesterday --
just as the dusk was brown
one little boat gave up its strife
and gurgled down and down.

so angels say -- on yesterday --
just as the dawn was red
one little boat -- o'erspent with gales --
retrimmed its masts -- redecked its sails --
and shot -- exultant on!

finding and maintaining direction - to sink or to rise - is a challenge and an opportunity presented inside each moment.


  1. What a soul touching post and incredible artwork. I got so much from the art alone!

    "finding and maintaining direction - to sink or to rise - is a challenge and an opportunity presented inside each moment."

    I will remember that!!

  2. hi amelia, i have this image on a card and i've never had anyone to send it to - i'd love to receive it myself!!! every moment is as full and as meaningful as you wish it to be, make it, or allow it to be. steven

  3. Hi, I came in from Marc's blog, curious about the title of your blog. Now, I'm reflecting on the beautiful poem above. Good, fresh phrases.

  4. hi lakeviewer, welcome. this is one of two blogs i write. the other is "the golden fish" which is linked to the right.
    "flow" appeared when i found that the golden fish wasn't (at that time) allowing me to write from the moment. what i'm finding is that the two blogs are slowly coming together. thanks for visiting. steven

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  6. hi leks, thanks for your kind words. i love the image of the little boat and the words were a lucky find that seemed to match the feeling i got from the picture. have a peaceful day. steven

  7. Love the image and Dickinson's words - but your thoughts at the end meant the most to me.

  8. the little boat . . . i love that image . . . it connects so much to what i feel sometimes. caught in that moment inside the moment. indecision . . .what to do? then just as quickly moving on . . . . the choice made . . . consequences accepted as easily as the rewards. have a peaceful day steven