Friday, July 3, 2009

a very pleasant world

fatma neslihan oner "under the water"

deniz atac "under the water"

from virginia woolf's "the mark on the wall" . . .

"yes, one could imagine a very pleasant world. a quiet, spacious world, with the flowers so red and blue in the open fields. a world which one could slice with one’s thought as a fish slices the water with his fin, grazing the stems of the water–lilies, hanging suspended over nests of white sea eggs. . . how peaceful it is down here, rooted in the centre of the world and gazing up through the grey waters, with their sudden gleams of light, and their reflections - "


  1. Such inspiring art...such inspiration I need at this point and time in my life. I hope that my art becomes this inspiring some day!
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. hey amelia, these are two insightful artists. i know when i ran into creative dry spells i looked at other people's work - almost like refilling my creative well. what i created when the energy returned was always uniquely my own but i knew that it was tapping into the creative energy around me that helped me find the doorway back into the creative energy that is everywhere just waiting to be tapped. have a peaceful day. steven

  3. Great artwork. You see the lure of the deep for Woolf in her words - perhaps when she weighted her pockets and walked in it was a move toward what she loved rather than a move away from her pain . . . (?) If I had ever read those words of hers, I had forgotten them. Thanks for posting them. Is the photo of the fish from underneath yours?

  4. beautiful artwork bonnie mmmm hmmmm! the fish photo is the work of an uncredited photographer. i always credit work i use here but that was one that had no credit to provide. it's an amazing image!! i think for woolf the great metaphor of depth and approaching the collective subconscious through the portal of her subconscious self guided much of her thinking. have a peaceful day. steven

  5. hello steven... by coincidence i found that you posted one of my paintings on your blog! first, i didn't like the fact, that someone just took my painting and posted it... but then i read your comments and thoughts and i started to like that i could be an inspiration for you and other people! but you could have left a little note on my website's guestbook :) take care, deniz from switzerland.