Sunday, May 1, 2011


in the fragmented instant
a beauty reveals itself
the source image is destroyed

reinventing itself before our eyes
each tiny shape
a revelation
a painting

the whole
an unlikely gallery of possibilities


  1. i think the glitch is in us rather than in the thing itself. it's up to us to turn that quarter turn to see what has been there all along. it is in our perception that the changing happens, or so it seems to me, how open we can be, how receptive. beauty is everywhere.

    your photo is appealing - looks like old pain on a well worn cabinet, although i think it is a pixelated photo.


  2. the photo erin was of a glitch in a television signal. my son drew my attention to it and i had to photograph it because it took a very mundane image and scattershot it in a really appealing way. your comment about the placement of the glitch is really elegant. much of my writing over on the golden fish is placed inside that thought. steven

  3. steven, i think the beauty can be whatever we want, we can reinvent the figure, the gesture, the meaningless. The beauty is in the soul that observes.