Wednesday, April 27, 2011

his heart

they race blindly along rain-softened red brick alleyways,
the breeze of their passing like silk threads through an ever-expanding eyelet.

turning a right angled corner, she stops.
her arms stretch like soft arrows from the bow of her shoulders.
she extends one leg behind her.
holding the moment, holding the pose, she slowly turns her head as he rounds the corner still running.

his heart races ahead of him - a kaleidoscopic candy-iced orb.

she allows her many-ringed and hennaed hand to descend to her hip.

like a pollen-covered bee, she gently extracts herself from the pose
and then walking towards him
kisses his mouth.

her mouth blooms with a sudden flowering of vanilla, cumin, cherries.

the thin blue-grey edge of a rope of candle smoke circles their heads.


  1. Beautiful, like a dream one regrets awaking from ...

  2. This is the Magpie I had been waiting for ... incredibly lovely .. incredibly. Rich, full of emotion.

  3. lovely suspension of time and motion with spice and colour

  4. oh my, so many images i'd like to hold in my mouth, sweet and rich, yes, like fresh fruit. lovely, steven. lovely.


  5. Love the pollen covered bee image. Nice one.

  6. What a beautiful dreamlike share. Sensuous... tender.

  7. Exquisite. I'm feeling a bit flushed.