Friday, January 1, 2010

the open window

i am leaving
for a while
through the open window
that the golden fish blog offers.

flow was always a place to
see what i could see.

to know what i could share.

to feel what was possible.

it is now feeding
the golden fish blog
with words
and art
and ideas
and a quality of presence that i value.

so followers of flow
might like to visit the golden fish.

for now.
flow will remain available as a resource for anyone wishing to visit.

see you sometime.


with love of course.


  1. You have signed off with two fantastic pictures. Thanks for them. May you have an equally fantastic new year.

  2. thanks dave and i hope to see you at the golden fish!!! my own best wishes to you for a rewarding and creative new year! steven

  3. Well, you know I love the fish blog. I appreciate the space you hold open there.

  4. thanks dan. this blog opened up a space for an important part of what i hold valuable. the golden fish was didfferent at first but now it's absorbed the part of me that i was comfortable sharing here. steven

  5. It's nice that your expressions can flow with unity so easily onto the other blog.