Sunday, November 8, 2009

you may have noticed that "flow" has gone quiet.

quiet is a state flow exists in -
just outside of silence.

but this has been very quiet.

(my main blog)

is consuming much of the energy
and time
that i can devote
to blog writing -
which for me is
the outer edge of my journal writing.

so i am leaving "flow"
alone for a while.

and interestingly,

a third blog
has been knocking
at the door
but i have to move slowly
in terms of
answering the door.

it will blend
the golden fish
and flow together
into something

my love to all of you
who have so
read and commented on my posts here.



  1. Ouch! I've been under the impression that this was your main blog. Can't think how I got that thought into my head. I shall be over there in future. I can quite see why you find two blogs too much - I'm struggling with one.

  2. hello dave - yes yhe golden fish is my main place of writing and sharing. it's in vert good shape and i can more-or-less keep up with its demands without compromising my family, my teaching, and my personal life!!!! i look forward to seeing you there dave with your wicked clever insights!!!! steven

  3. Well, then I shall visit you at the golden fish.

    'flow' is a lovely blog and the name instantly put me into that frame of mind to just go with the f l o w...
    very nice~

  4. Happy holidays to you and yours,
    much love and peace,

  5. Very nice blog :)
    Very delightful read xxxx