Sunday, May 15, 2011

with enough rain

these stones
placed as carefully as stones will allow

i can call each one
a day
a moment
an experience

i can imagine
each stone
has been placed
to contain the soil
of my self

with enough rain
those stones will bulge outwards
and collapse
revealing the rich world
they have so succesfully contained


  1. steven, the stones that support our life. The echo of experiences in life in each one of this stones.

  2. the illusion of solidness, isn't it? everything swells:) and thank god or life or poetry for this, for without the swell there isn't growth.

    beautiful organic thoughts and photos, steven. so glad to know you.


  3. oa.s, the stones that are life - or the outside shell of it, hold so much out and in. steven

  4. erin - the creative swell that displaces the stones of life. there's so much food or fuel in the tumbling and crumbling of life's experiences. but you know that. i see that in your writing. steven

  5. Beautiful. The manor is surrounded by old limestone walls just like this. Your piece made me feel quite at home in the soil of myself.

  6. tess - you're so fortunate- well you know that but i like to underscore people's fortune - those walls hold in the soil of us. steven

  7. i have a special place that i visit built just like this where i place little offerings...a feather, a posy of heather...a prayer...if it ever falls down, fragments of my life will tumble out too...xx