Saturday, March 19, 2011


to see the possibility of what i intuited could happen so many years ago when i mistakenly assumed that the emerging digital connection was the very edge of what was possible or even necessary . . .

a manifestation of connectedness that speaks in one voice through many hands, minds, and hearts

the guitar circle of europe ~ circulation


  1. Etherial. Like the harmonious voices of whales and bees. It's possible to experience something akin to this by joining (or starting) your local ukulele circle and singing and playing together. There's a Hawaiian word for musical gatherings to join hearts and minds and hands: Kanikapila.

  2. dan i've never been aware of experiencing anything like what is in this vidoe or what you describe and yet i know that it is entirely possible. steven

  3. hello me! tidy and thorough and liberating. steven