Thursday, February 17, 2011


if you polish the rough edges off
the outside of my inside
does some of the surface smoothness
descend inside?


  1. I wonder where the boundary between inside and outside might be. It's more subtle than we may suppose.

  2. hi dan. i was wondering this question a few days back and the reason is bcause i was with someone who told me about myself just after i started teaching and. the difference was reminding to me and made me wonder at when and why so much was let go. some of it was good to jettison but some of it had (and i think still should have) some value to me. hmmmm. steven

  3. wow, that is really beautiful.

  4. chris - i just dropped by your site and you're a brave writer! you're welcome for the beauty - it's not mine - it's nature's. i'm just borrowing it, like this body! steven

  5. linda sue - i gotta figure that's the way it is. steven