Saturday, April 18, 2009

steps to the water

caroline sturgis tappan offers an approach to life and our place in it in her poem entitled "life". it could just as easily have been titled "remembering" for that is its essence. to remember to shine from inside without condition.

greatly to be
is enough for me,
is enough for thee.

why for work art thou striving,
why seek'st thou for aught?
to the soul that is living
all things shall be brought.

what thou art thou wilt do,
and thy work will be true.

but how can I be
without labor or love?
life comes not to me
as to calm gods above.
not only above
may spirit be found,
the sunshine of love
streams all around.

the sun does not say,
"i will not shine
unless every ray
falls on planet divine."

he shines upon dust
upon things mean and low,
his own inward thought
maketh him glow.

the dial, II, october 1840

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