Saturday, April 4, 2009

the full value of joy

i've never really liked fences.

they divide and contain.

they separate us from experiences.

they create otherness.

even a cursory examination of my self reveals fences. fences that keep things in. fences that keep things out. fences to straddle.

it's as much work to maintain them as it is to take them down.

even a moment's thought reveals how unnecessary and harmful this all is.

so why do i need to do this?

where did i learn to be protective. to deny. to be prepared to run from my vantage point.

how do i let all of this go?


  1. A wonderfully introspective and reflective post, Steven ... I've read it three times, and each time my mind wanders off in a different direction.

  2. i took the fence picture two years ago at a time when many of my own fences were being pulled down. i've had a strong sense of the fences i have up for a very long time. i've asked myself the questions here for almost the same amount of time. i know the answers in fact. but not how to act on the answers in such a way as not to hurt others - and then myself.

  3. Aye, and that's one of the many reasons we have fences, isn't it? To avoid hurting others and being hurt ourselves, emphasis on the latter I would say.

    Will have to do a post on this subject further on down the road ... much further.