Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and now

there are moments of such blinding clarity that i wonder how i've made my way through life - with my eyes closed? sometimes my eyes open wide and then i see what i wish i could see all the time.

"what you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow." rabindranath tagore

"arise the other" karen stefano.

a.g.e. blake expresses a moment of seeing unfolding:

"coming across gurdjieff was a wondrous moment in my life when in deep unease at being alive, indulging in existentialism, seeking answers in physics and being visited by feelings and thoughts that just could not fit into the worldview that seemed to be governing the world, he had the appearance of someone who had been through all of it and come out the other side. he belonged with many others such as krishnamurti – and I would add today, bernadette roberts – who were speaking from another place. yet he also had appeal because he offered ways of experimenting with experience itself that one could do here and now in the midst of life. he raised a new awareness of what it was to breathe, move, think and pay attention so that one could experience something of that zen-like quality of ordinary life two inches of the ground. he brought into question the most ordinary and everyday things we take for granted."

"dectesuque" karen stefano
further writings of anthony blake that introduce the ideas of gudjieff can be read here . . . .
gurdjieff and now


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