Monday, September 12, 2011


unconditional goodness
a gentle place

music by charles tomlinson griffes vale of dreams

Monday, September 5, 2011

little fingers

i remember
your soft little fingers
buried deep in the flesh
of my palm

our first walk

i remember
the thrill of knowing
that you were mine
and then entirely yourself

my pace slowed
to match yours
until you were older
and your hand rarely met mine
and your pace
matched so well
that we were like
each other's shadows

and talking
about matters so removed
from our immediacy
that i wondered
how you could know
about such things
let alone
talk about them
and it was then
that i looked up
and saw you again
for the first time

Sunday, August 28, 2011


after a long silence brought about by my inability to maintain a state of silence within myself for even the shortest period of time as i failed miserably to reconcile the terms of my outer life with those of my inner life
i am bringing this blog back to a life it retreated from in may of this year
when i celebrated the life and music of gil scott-heron.

as the older sister of a blog also long dormant entitled "gone to earth", "flow" holds a place in my heart with
its purpose being to share insight accompanied by images of simple beauty. i welcome other possibilities and have a sense that they may need voice and so - here i am.

where the mother blog "the golden fish" posts on a daily basis, "flow" has a more relaxed approach to posts being driven by what makes itself available to the writer.

welcome back to those of you who have maintained the connection and to those of you new here - welcome!